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Welcome to Summer Vegan

Hi!  Welcome to Summer Vegan!  I have a passion for vegan and seasonal cooking.  My love for cooking started when I was very young.  I was drawn to the tastes, flavors, and textures of foods and would always find a way to recreate my favorite packaged foods making homemade versions.  Recreating is something that has stuck with me and most often when I go to a restaurant and really like a meal, I pay close attention and ask questions so that I can make it at home.  Also recreating healthy versions of some of my all time favorite meals is always fun.

Seasonal!  Yes, seasonal eating is the way to go.  Not only are there so many health benefits to eating in season, you get to experience the awesome natural flavors of fruits and vegetables when they are grown in their element and ripened in their natural state.  That is, ripened on the vine or in the tree.  Eating in season gives you the opportunity to eat local which supports local farmers.  Seasonal eating also shakes things up a bit in your kitchen by tossing out the same old fruits and vegetables and replacing them with new ones.  But of course that’s only if you branch out and embrace what each season has in store for you.

And then the two combine, my passion for cooking and seasonal eating first cataloged on Spring Vegan and now Summer Vegan.  It has been a lot of fun sharing my kitchen triumphs and I did not want it to end.  And after I started this seasonal eating voyage I found that most of my favorite fruits and vegetables are from the summer.   Some of my favorites are summer squash, watermelon, plums, purple hull peas and tomatoes (unripe green tomatoes!).  With purple hull peas, you won’t even find them outside of their late summer season.

Now let’s head out to the market, pick up some summer produce and start cooking!

We may not be chefs but our food is from our hearts --→ ♥
Becoming a healthy vegan was is still a challenge.
We hope the vegan recipes and info here helps you along your way.
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